Camp Carey 18-20th February 2019

Children have experienced everything from crate stacking, wall climbing, problem solving, archery, rifle shooting, go-kart making, a confidence course, rope maze, water slide and a wipe out course. It’s been a fun filled school camp experience!

Very proud to see them learning how to work as a team and listen to them encourage each other through their various activities. Especially, as some of the activities were quite challenging. It was great that they persevered and gave everything a go.

Experiences outside the classroom, like Camp Carey reinforce learning by enabling the children to make connections between what they have learnt in the classroom and the world beyond the classroom. Camp Carey gave the children the opportunity to demonstrate the key competencies; particularly managing self, relating to others, and participating and contributing.

Many thanks to our parent helpers, visiting teachers and the Year 5 team for making this camp experience such a success.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi. He toa takitahi.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi. He toa takitahi.My strength is not as an individual. But as a collective.Each student had a small part of a large poster to colour in. But, the colours that were chosen had to follow through to the other squares that connected to it. To make this happen we had to collaborate with up to eight other people. 
Students created little groups, shared resources and helped each other. To make sure they achieved their goal they came together to check their progress.
We're super proud of our achievement, we even celebrated with a little victory dance!
We hope you like our collaborative art too.

Welcome to Room 16

Welcome to Room 16.
What a great start to the term! We're all making friends within the class, and facilitating this process are activities that support our inquiry of "Our voices our powerful".
Our Lego Architect was a fun activity. Students formed small groups and took a role of Architect, Purchaser and Builder. The Architect created a 5-10 block construction and then described this to the purchaser, who found the pieces. The Architect then had to describe how to build the construction to the Builder. 

The students learnt how important communication is when working as a team, to be really explicit with their instructions and descriptions. We're using our experience of this to expand on our writing, show don't tell. (Show don't tell describes writing by showing the actions and feelings instead of just telling the reader what happened.) 
We learnt to be respectful by using group talk” - Lily
“We learnt to be patient with others” - Knox
“We learnt never to give up” …